And I thought javasript was bad?! Jquery is just as difficult

Working with jquery.

And I thought javasript was bad?!

This week was all about jquery ... Where to start and what to say about jquery

Its an alien language ?! it must be !!

Just like last week, understanding jquery wasn't easy. It took me half of the alloted time to even understand the language. Thankfully after some explaning I was starting to get to grips with it. Some of the things I did this week I know can be done with CSS but I did them in Jquery to get to know the language.

What I eventually did

So after a lot of explaning I managed to create drop down menus, a drop down search bar, a pop up when you hover over images, and finally an automatic photo slider.

To do this I based my work on a template I created two weeks ago. So I coded this template with Html and CSS, then I added the Jquery.

It wasn't easy work but I am generally pleased that it all at least works how I wanted it to. The Css isn't perfect but I needed to work the Jquery script so I am not worried about the CSS.

screenshot slide Menu

Here Is a screenshot of one of the three dropdown menus.

screenshot hover

This is a screenshot of the popup when you hover over each product.

screenshot legende

and finally a screenshot of what happens when you hover over an image, a caption appears.

what next with Jquery?

I think to continue with learning how to use Jquery I need to optimise my code and also get to know the different words used for each action in Jquery.