Level design

Some level design for creating a nice level!

Level design

This week we needed to work on the level design; we had to chooses a level to work on for our project.

I choose to work on the first level of the game I work with Hugues, Wonderful Golf. Following the teacher's lesson, I've made a text where I described each element we needed for making this level: Since it's the very first level, it can have a tutorial part in the begginning, quickly explaining the game mecanics. then it'll be normal and easy gameplay.

The important elements to take into account for this level are: - the main appearance, which is in a sunny plain for the beginning, then a dark/at night plain, for then ending by a darker one, with a storm. - the ennemies and bonus, which are very few for a first level, since it need to be a tutorial.

For the next levels, those will change to mark a progression, and the account of ennemies/bonus and their difficulty will be highter.

This is the whole text I've typed for further informations;

level design

First test

I've done a first try for this first level, using only simple shapes as it is only a prototype:


the brown will be the first layout, where the player will walk on and where all the main actions will occure. the blue is the background, just here to represent the sky and have no gameplay purpose. There will be trees and various elements in between this layout and the main one, to give life to this world. the red circles are the ennemies, and the green square are the bonus. A bonus of power can be usually placed before the ennemies, while a bonus of life will be either before, after or between a group of ennemies.

I've also done some new assets that could be used for Hugues -or any other game designer- as assets for tests, those one following more this week's subject. (they are various bonus, malus, traps, etc.)


 11 oct. 2018 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Game Art 3,   level design art