"Careful With That code, Eugene"

Premiers pas sur Python et Renpy !

Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Second week, and one big projet for us game artists : learning to code on Python and create a game on Renpy !

I never ever code anything, and never learned anything about it, so it was quite a challenge !

The Project

Or work for the week was to create three little games to familiarize us with the Python language. We had to create a rebus game, a hangman game, and last but not least, a crosswords !

First Steps

As a true beginner, I was just so afraid to start writting on this grey editor, not knowing what to start with. I started first by looking online some random informations just to look at some classic expressions, colors or commands.

But gradually along the informations, i felt really lost into all the ponctuation and commands.

Valentin who is actually a real Dev, kindly propose to teach me the real basis. He teach me in a cool way, wich was to explain to me the use of a command, the ask me what i wanted to do in the game, and then wich command i should use to reach my goal ! It was great because it allows me to think and deduce many things, and, last but not least, truly understand what I was doing!


With all this great help, I ended up with a rebus game all done !

A rebus is a game where you have to guess a word with the help of images. So, basically, the idea was to use three images to guess one. with this, the code is buid around this spesific idea !

The player have 7 chance ton find each word, wich mean that i had to create a loop in the code, to be able to play the game till the end.

I used a command that i found online and that truely help : "while"

while is a commande that we place in front of a variable, and create a loop till an specific action occure, wich was perfect for the game !

here is what i m talking about :


So the game ended up working, so i choose to make a menu too, to be able to choose which game the player want to play !


The menu was quite simple, it was just helpfull to create a little story, so the command that i mostly use was "raw_input"

I just had one little complex thing to do : integrate the gamesé file in the menu's one .

after several tests, the command "from rebus import " worked great and the menu played it's part !


That's it for the week, I wish you a great week and see you next time !

 27 sept. 2018 -  Maryon Gibory - Game Art 2,   Python Renpy