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Discovery of Godot Escoria, after the discovery of the software by redoing the game Coin Dash, I had to make a game. I chose a game of the type Space Invader.


After overdraft of Godot, I am throw this on the creation of my game. The very difficult beginning given that I did not know the software and little the language python, in more the game is an ambitious project contained of little of knowledge which I had but I am to stick and at the end of the first day, I already had a part of the project of set up, what stayed was the gameplay


Now things serious begin. I had to code movement of vessels while making the parralax of the map and well on the player was to be able to destroy the enemies has the help of missile and at the same time to put a score. A very difficult spot but a little challenge does not hurt after all it is as his that we learn.


The movement was doubtless the simplest seen that one the view on the other game (coin dash). I just have of to change the movement upward by seen sprint that the bougait player already, him not there that the slowing down or it is Maxime who has to find and also to prevent the camera from following the player to the left and to the right


Then the collision is doubtless what has me to give most thread in rewinds seen that I did not still stop running them, did not see that all the game is based dessu it was not a small matter. Quite I collision works but do not seem like wishing. Because even having to indicate that he had to destroy after an object unfortunately he wanted, the object it made grow again farther.


As you were able to read it higher I was not able to finish the game but what what left put back, I plan well to pursue it during the holidays after every 2 and a half days it is to complicate to make a finished game and if I arrive has there to finish him why not to improve him I would have all the time to do it. Thus for me it was not one very decisive week.

 18 oct. 2018 -  Sylvain Foulon - game design 2,   Godot