Lone Hero

The world is falling apart and only you can save it !

Good morning ! After four weeks of work over this RPG project, I can finally show how the game looks like in the final version. And for that, I decided to update the last article I wrote about it :)

Welcome to the game !


When launching the game, you first start with a drawn title screen, offering you three options :

-> "Play" : start the adventure !

-> "Credits" : to see every person involved in the development of the game

-> "Leave" : if you want to quit the game

And additional button also allows you to mute the game if you do not wish to hear the music played. This option doesn't mute sound effects.

Here's a picture in-game below :


The Protagonist

Say "Hi !" to your lone hero that you will embody through the all story of the game. He will lend you his willpower to discover what is happening over the island and restablish peace.


The Universe

Your protagonist will have to travel through many different landscapes before reaching the source of every problem going on. Here comes the map of the island that will guide you during your heroic trip !


Map 1 : The Port

You start in the port, a coastal region of the map.


Bathed by the ocean, it's full of sea and fishing references, the primary source of economy in this land. But beware, pirates defend fiercely their territory and won't let you pass easily !

Enemies : Pirates

Pirate 1 Pirate 2

The first hostile characters you met. Certainly not the smartest but beware of their agility or they might stick their sabre in your belly !

Boss : Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain

Way more intelligent than his subordinates, he'll give you a hard time by trying to chop you up or throwing bombs at you. Can also summon his parrot pet to harass you.

Map 2 : The Cave

Then, you have to go through a wet cave.


Bats seem to stalk you and stalactites threaten to fall. You may also discover primal people living in this cave, and they won't enjoy your visit !

Enemies : Tribal people

Tribal man 1 Tribal man 2

Don't let yourself be distracted by their prehistoric appearance. These guys will use raw force rather than strategy to take you down.

Boss : Submarine Creature

Giant crab

The creature the tribal people take care in exchange of its protection. Will shoot you with foam at range or try to squash you with its heavy clips if you get too close.

Map 3 : The Forest

Ending the cave zone leads you to the forest.


Trees, flowers and mushrooms surround you beneath the moon. But don't feel too safe when arrows target you from the shadows...

Enemies : Archers

Archer 1 Archer 2

Unlike previous enemies, these ones will hunt you from a safe distance and make the fight last until you're exhausted or riddled with arrows. Can also use camouflage to strike furtively.

Boss : Werewof


A monster born from the night. A wild creature without any other goal than hunting you to death for its own pleasure. Speed and reflexes required...

Map 4 : The Mountain

Get your coat and gloves, it's freezing cold up there !


And as expected, enemies will still track you down. So don't waste too much time enjoying the snow !

Enemies : Mountain dwellers

Mountain dweller 1 Mountain dweller 2

Life at high altitudes is tough and incomers aren't welcome ! These guys have the advantage of the ground. First dodge their hunting spears and then you can apprehend them in single combat.

Boss : Yeti


Here comes the challenge ! Strong and fast, this monster also use elements of the land to attack you. Can use his icy breath to freeze you down before smashing you.

Map 5 : The Desert

Going from one extreme to another, prepare to face scorching heat !


But local people won't let you up. So try not to stay too long in these arid lands or you might end up being part of the setting...

Enemies : Desert dwellers

Desert dweller 1 Desert dweller 2

Become fierce rivals when fighting together. Use a wide variety of weapons and can also use group attacks ! Defeat them one by one to weaken their group power.

Boss : Pharaoh


When a myth becomes real... A fallen god trying to gather back his former power. Use solar abilities to burn, scorch and even heal himself.

Map 6 : The Volcano

And here you are in the final zone : the den of a powerful and dangerous creature !


Natives will hunt you down in order to protect the purpose of their cult and the inhospitable environment won't make it easier.

Enemies : Pyromancers

Pyromancer 1 Pyromancer 2

Gifted with pyromancy abilities, they will use them to target you with homing flames ! Can also summon a blessed flame to heal them during the fight.

Boss : Dragon


The source of all evil... Responsible for awakening the previous monsters and turning populations hostile. Might be your very last fight...

 12 janv. 2018 -  Fabian MOSAKOWSKI - game art,   rpg medieval animation