This week photomontage with Gimp

Photomontage with Gimp


With 3 pictures, make one, adding a drawing. At through a Norman field, a brazilian table and this pretty cat, i discovered some gimp tools.


After selecting pictures and organisation by layers, i chose the tool of selection by hand to cut the cat and the table in two layers.

Once the layout was done, i explored color tools. I tryied to get a light, or at least a similar "atmosphere", for each element. For this, i experimented the levels, the white and colors balance and used the luminosity- contrast tool.

With the transformation tools, i juste used a little bit of perspective modification to put the cat's paw on the table.

I went then to the creation of the two little men on Krita. After many layers of drawing, i colorized them and transfer, as a last layer on gimp.

Once the little men put on the table, i continued with the paint tool, mainly using the dodge-burn tool. I put shadows and lights on the littles men and tryied to make the cat fits with the rest of the picture, too much bright i think.

Bonne chasse aux petits bonhommes avec Sissa le chat Brésilien!


 30 mars 2018 -  Laura Kauffmann - Illustration,   illustration photo