Dance with colors

Différent ways to colorize

This week, the mission was to illustrate the same image with 4 different ways to colorize them.

With the shape from the image of the dancer that i chose, i had to make, black and white, with 3 different level of grey, with 3 colors and with several colors. In first, i took the line of the dancer. This layer would be the base for the 4 drawings.

Black and white

I mainly used the shape fill brush and then the same, to have lights and shadows.


Level of grey

With a brush paint i used 3 different level of grey for each part, the clothers and the body. Then i used the airbrush to make stronger the lights and shadows.


3 colors

For the 3 colors, i used a brush making merge the colors. With the last drawing as a layer, applied colors got already the shades of the drawing.


Several colors

For the last one, i used selection tools and the tub paint, then adjusted the forms with the eraser. This drawing is probably the one who took the most time, it s really not easy to find good colors, beautiful together. After a lot of pages of test and a lot of time lost, i got a precious information : Ce nuancier super pratique a sauvé ma journée !