Sound Design

Using Mulab to edit sounds, and make our own sounds too

Editing sounds

This time we learned new way to edit sounds, using Mulab. We looked at how to make a fade-in/fade-out, or adding more track to make new sounds (for exemple; a 'hit' sound with a 'woosh' and a 'breaking bones' sounds could make a 'hard hit' sound) We also learned how to make a loop, by cutting the track and using the fade-in/fade-out method.

Making sounds or musics

We then looked at some Mulab's options; making musics (or simple sounds) using instruments or samples. Mulab already have several of them in it, which is useful when you start learning how to use it, or want to make simple sounds. You just use it like you would use a piano basically, so it's really easy to use it.

 29 nov. 2018 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Game Art 3,   sound design