Sound Design


Hi everyone ! This week I saw a lot of things about sound design. We began to see the basics of music. It's extremely hard to understand and learn from the beginning !

Firstly, I tried to do some exercises with Audacity, a free sound software but for me it is hard to create something good on this software. So I decided to use aother software, MuLab, which is more complex but moure intuitive.

Well, after some researches and trials, I finally did something that seems good to me.

I don't have any idea to continue and clear this song.

Secondly, I did a new music for Florian's "Rocket League" trailer on MuLab and modified it on Audacity.

Here is the new music :

See you next week !

 24 janv. 2019 -  DE THOURY Briac - Game Art 1,   GameArt sound design