Level 1

Hi everyone ! This week was special. The objective was to create something that I enjoy. Recently, I've found my style of creation so this week I just wanted to to train my skills in drawing with Krita. I'm in love with the universe of synthwave, retro 80's and creation like "Tron".


By picking ideas from every part of this style, a creation which blend synthwave and "Tron" bring me the idea of a kind of an album cover with the Daft Punk's helmets into.

Daft Punk's album cover artwork

Also, I wanted to do another production with the same base of the previous artwork, but because of a lack of time I didn't create it yet. This new creation may be in the same style that this artwork (I don't own this creation) :

Artwork by xavlord, on imgur

That's all for the moment ! Thanks for reading :)

 07 févr. 2019 -  DE THOURY Briac - Game Art 1,   GameArt creation