Weekly News - Ergonomics in video games


What's that?

Ergonomics is the study of how equipment and furniture can be arranged in order that people can do work or other activities more efficiently and comfortably.

The fact is ergonomics can be more than this and can be use for, at least, everything like video games.


Understand ergonomics HUB in your project Put it in all your futur projects Use Personas method constantly Analyse different agreement in that's kind of game you choose. *Make an aesthetic and ergonomics HUB.


Rework an ergonomics HUB for existing video games. Don't need to be exhaustive, the goal is to understand how it works.


For this project, i choose to rework an RTS game named 0AD


At 1st, i analysed how great RTS like StarCraft, Age Of Empire and Command and Conquer made their HUB to understand works ergonomics.


2nd, I analysed how 0AD ergonomics was done. In my point of view, ergonomics in this game can be more clear. Here we have an HUB how can be more performant. Their HUB is not really efficient even if you can use macro if we compare it with the others RTS.

3rd, I looked for how human eyes is working and I found this interesting Nielsen Norman Group study.


To finish, I try to do my HUB rework. I put all the HUB on a block on the left side as Command and Conquer, 1st game, did but on the left side not on the right cause of the study. The bottom is irregular and takes to much place on the screen. The top is not necessary, empty slot, can be uses differently.