Making a trailer

Making a trailer for a game!

The trailer

We had to make a trailer for an already existing game, but also avoid to make one if we already saw the original trailer. The thing is, I already saw every trailer of the game I've played, so instead, I decided to make a trailer for a popular 'mod' for Zelda Ocarina of Time, which is a Randomizer.

But what's a Randomizer?


A Randomizer is something that take everything in the original game, but put every items in random places. They exist for many games, mostly from the Zelda franchise (like 'A Link to the Past', 'Wind Waker', etc.) but also from other games, though the most fitting games are the Zelda ones, who are based on finding key items. For the Ocarina of Time one, you can also shuffle (put things in random places) other things that aren't simple items in a chest too; like the 'freestanding' ones (heart pieces, keys on the ground...), ocarina songs, or even colors, songs in-game, or texts, though those ones are mainly just for fun. You have many other options you can select to make the game like you want. To 'win' the game, you have to find the logic of it; depending of what items you find, the path you'll follow will be different. However, something you need to know is that this Randomizer -or Rando in general- isn't for people who just played the original game once in their life just for fun. It's for people who know the game really well, since you need to know the logic of the original game and think about how you can finish it with what the Randomizer gives you. You can still play it if you don't know the game too much, of course! but you'll need to learn how all of this work. You even have presets for beginners if you want.

And about the trailer?

The trailer start with a regular gameplay of the original game; everything is calm, slow, normal. But then come the Randomizer who cause havoc, and everything looks off. Then it explain why it looks weird, and what the purpose of all of this is. It then show things that are possible in a dynamic and faster way; every main possibilities the Randomizer offers, and some silly or frustrating things that may happen in a gameplay, like the ice trap in a totally wrong place (you're supposed to get the Light arrows in this clip, which is the most important item in the original game), or just characters telling the complete opposite of what they should say because of the text shuffle. Then it quickly show another aspect of it; the races, where you have to be the fastest to win. However races are more for 'professional' players who know the game really well, so it's not for beginners. But it can be interresting for anyone, even for those same begginers who can start to learn about it and become really good, so it's good to mention that they exists. Then it end with the actual end of the game, and the credits (logo and creators, though they don't really have an official logo)

For the 'video' aspect; it start slowly, with the original intro, then goes to the next scene with some continuity (character dissapear from the left side of the screen, then on the next clip reappear on the right side) then the atmosphere change; silly music, the pace is faster, and a bunch of smaller clip follows, until it end with the credits, a bit slower to mark the end of the video. The music seem to be in sinc with the video sometimes, but it's not intensionnal, though I could edit some parts to make them fitting together more (but I didn't had enough time). I also need to make some fade-in/out, especially on the texts, to make everything smoother.

 10 janv. 2019 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Game Art 3,   trailer video