Making the first level

Making the background for the first level

The background

The background will be in differents parts; you have the ground (or path, where the character walks on), the sky, and everything in between; some trees, rocks, mountains in the distance... For now, only the mountains are missing. everything else is done (but the path still need some modifications to make it easier to put in the game, using a tile systeme)

the elements of the background

So first I've changed the path, which was a bit too realistic for the style of the game, and instead made something with lines and cell-shading. I still need to change it though; to make the tiles and to make the path more 'flat' (so they're only grass and no soil visible)


Then I've done the elements in between; the tree, which have a 'normal' version, and a more bluish one that goes behind the normal one, so it blend in the distance. They're also some bushes and rocks, that can go anywhere behind the path (though the smallest rock can go in front) And finally, they're the sky, which obviously goes behind everything.


Once everything is in place, it should look like this;


Then it's just like a puzzle; you add every part where you want to make a level, until it looks good!

 07 févr. 2019 -  Vanessa Bertozzi - Game Art 3,   projet background