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Création site surf

Website page model

I was asked to create a website model for surfboard seller factory. This website propose to it visitors to personalize their surfboard. So they can choose the material and also the design. First, I draw a architecture of the site wth all its parts and the link between them. You can find usuals pages like « contact us », « about us » or also a blog (to have some news of the community). But the most inportant part of the site is the presentation and the personalization of the surfboards. In those parts of the site, you can find surfboard galerie and your surfboard with technical specifications and the price. You can buy one online of course.

The homepage model

I create the page model of the homepage. In this model, I decide to put forward the surfboard personalize tool that why you can find it on the top of the page after a video. A menu help intenaute to go directly to their web basket, to know more about warranty, accessories, products. homepage After those parts, the internaute can select a surfboard by category (longboard, shortboard, fish, ...) and model. They can also go to the accessories parts. You can find two parts for accessories, one the surfboard (parts for the surfboard) and one for the surfer (clothes, ….). In this same area, the internaute can read the last article of the community blog. They can join it just with a click. After, you can find the last surfboard personnalization with a picture and a small article. You can also learn about the factory by clicking in the « about us » button. The last part of the site is for the sell warranty and the legal mentions. In this exercise, I try to have the simplest graphics to give an impression of purity of matter and approach close to nature. The internaute of this type of website must be in this way of thinking.

 01 oct. 2019 -  Franck S - integration web,   webpage model