Wonderful Golf - Sound Design

Picture: images/hugues_03_wonderful_golf_entete_1.png Summary: Sound Design

Sound Design

Sound Design

Cette semaine, nous avons abordé la question du Sound Design dans le jeu vidéo. C'est une partie qui me tient particulièrement à coeur car de mon point de vue, c'est réellement le sound design qui donne l'ambiance et qui …

Wonderful Golf - Game Theory

Picture: images/hugues_03_wonderful_golf_entete_1.png Summary: Game Theory

Game Theory

The theory

This week was split in 2 parts. First of all, our main course was just theorical. We have to read and understand the Game Theory. It was really interesting and was talking about psychology reflexions and addictions. It was …

Campaign battle for wesnoth:final week

Summary:End of the project

Summary of the week

This week was the final week on wesnoth. The campaign was already entirely playable so I had to focus on adding graphics, sounds and balancing the gameplay.

The graphics

For the units, Briac almost finished to make the sprites so I …

 08 nov. 2018 -  Mathieu Milhem - game design 1 ,   Jeu Wesnoth