Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018

What's Ergonomy mean's ?

Well it's a lot of things, but important things.

Today we will talk about : -Personas -Strategy -Wireframe / Zoning -Model


Well, It's look like a CV : You choose a Name and then you creat the story of someone. It must be like an objectif for you ! You have to create the game interface for the "Personas". That mean you have to adapte the interface for exemple to Lucas, who's a little boy, he is 8 years old and he doesn't play a lot of video game. So the interface should be really intuitive.


As I said before, the objectiv of Ergonomy in a Video Game, is to adapt a video game interface to a Public (A Public that you chose). So with the Strategy you will chose which Option is the best.

exemple : The Starting Menu

On Replica Island The First Menu Looks like :


You can see 3 Bouton.
But Lucas don't play a lot of video games on his life so I see the Bouton Extras and when you click on it it show you some options to change the game MODE
but only if you have end the game one time.
So I think we don't need anymore this Bouton cause it's an Information than we don't need, and I want to make this game the easiest way to read for Lucas.

So now he looks like that :



The zoning is like a prefab of the interface Design. You define the position of all the elements you chose. So you did it after the strategy !

For exemple : The Difficulty Menu


Strategy = It's an Android Game, so the screen isn't big. Lucas want an intuitive game, so I chose to change the interface like that :



After the Zoning or Wireframe Done and Validate by the team, you can create the Model.

So with my zoning of the Difficulty Menu, my game look like that :


Now you have to do that for all of your screen ! Good luck ! And see you next week !