Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018

For this project I designed the presentation of the game here is an excerpt:

The basic game has the luxury of having over 16 playable stories translated into 30 different languages. Improved to the threads of updates, campaigns can play multiple intrigues. We begin with the protection of green elven forests against the infamous orc tribe who will try to reduce it to ashes through the arrival of the first human settlers on the continent and their adventures to make a place on this continent already strong discussed, or follow the story of a young farmer eager to defend his homeland, and who will eventually become a powerful and dreaded Lich King by the force of a capricious fate. Many other stories as different as they are elegant await you in this abundance of campaigns with rich and catchy scenarios.

For this project I wrote the goal of the game here is an excerpt:

Our first and only goal is to successfully port a tablet game Battle for Wesnoth. But, to do this, we must first have a critical approach to the PC version of the game. Indeed, porting as is is the best way to achieve a commercial flop. In this perspective, we have in advance of our reflection set up a series of objectives that represent our issues for the ergonomics of the game.

For this project I designed the personas of the game here is an excerpt:

A persona is, in the field of marketing, an imaginary person representing a target group or segment within the framework of the development of a new product or service, or a marketing activity taken as a whole. The persona is usually given a first name and social and psychological characteristics. Buda Pest is a master watchmaker living in Switzerland and is 38 years old. He often consults the news of jeuxvidé and sites on watchmaking. He enjoys strategy games, plays a lot of turn-based RTS such as Age Of Empire, Warcraft, or turn-based games like Fire Emblem. Buda is not looking for pvp, but new challenges. He likes to play after dinner, when his children and his wife sleep to change their minds. He plays mainly on pc, but also on the shelf on the weekend with his daughter. He is a watchmaker over 7 generations, he does his job by passion.

For this project I write the convention analysis of the game here is an excerpt:

Lionheart Tactics is a turn-based strategy game on a tablet where each player controls six heroes. The game has a choice of missions via a move on the world map, by clicking on quest icons. The combat interface is refined, just press the character to move it via another support on the target cell. The characters each have a specific skill (one per class). The game has an improvement of the heroes in possession of the player who will be able, during the battles, harden and become more powerful.

For this project I wrote the strategy of the game here is an excerpt:

Our strategy and the aesthetic changes that our game needs are first and foremost a reflection phase. Indeed, we will not throw ourselves into the coding part without first having a plan. With this in mind, a strategy is put in place that responds, step by step, to our objectives:

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