Posted on ven. 15 septembre 2017

Friendship is a visual novel created with Ren'py. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where a war between 2 world leaders left earth with only destruction and death. At the beginning, you have to enter the main character's name and then your journey will begin.

First scene takes place in an abandoned bar, where your character is alone, wondering about life and if it's still worth it. In this same bar you will meet someone, Ana, a young women who followed you hoping you could help her. You'll face 2 choices that will define who you want to be in this world. During your journey, every choices you'll make will define who you are, it's up to you to choose between being nice or rude to your new friend. You'll build the kind of relationship you want between you and Ana, but don't forget that every choices you make, will have an impact on the end of your journey through this game.

Main character design concept Ana design concept

For the design of the characters, I wanted them to be cartoon-like and for the backgrounds, I used pictures under the CC0 license (Creative Common Zero) to create a difference between the characters and their surroundings. By doing that, I wanted to show that the chaos and destruction shown on the background does not represent who they are and what they dream of.

Fire street

On your journey you will discover different landscapes, mostly destroyed by the war and where nature starts taking over the greyness of the ruin of what used to be a city. From the city to the countryside, you'll see your relation with Ana develop in a unique way. S What I wanted to create, was a game where the player would experience something new, something that would make him forget about his life and live something great and intense. I've always been a fan of Life Is Strange, created by DONTNOD and it inspired me a lot while making Friendship. What I like in this game is how the player can indentify themself with one the characters. You learn to know the character, you feel for them and everything they go through, it's an intense experience. Life Is Strange is primarily based on the relationship between Max and Chloe, 2 teenagers facing the same obstacles and this is what inspired me writing the story of *Friendship.

Life Is Strange

The music playing in the background is really calm, I want it to respresent the calm after the storm, almost everybody died during the war so I wanted to create an unusual combination of calm in a city.

I hope that you will enjoy Friendship and that you'll fall in love with the atmosphere as much as I did.

Valentin Bachelot-Lallier