Posted on ven. 13 octobre 2017


Outsiders is a campaign of the game Wesnoth. It takes place in the land of the Elves where a strange portal appeared and monsters are coming out of it.... What are they? What do they want?


The story is about Kal'ora, a vampire who created a portal to escape from the prison he was sent to, thousands of years ago... Trying to get what once was his, he has to face the elves who are responsible for sending him in prison. But a long journey awaits Kal'ora, the Elves aren't gonna let him do whatever he wants. A young general Elf, Aegnor, has been sent to protect their lands and investigate on what those creatures are because nobody has seen them in their life time, only a book with tails about the vampires remains and nobody knows where it is. Through the plains, the swamp, the desert and the mountains, you're gonna have to defeat Aegnor in order to gain back what once was yours.

plains marais désert montagne volcano elf

The Outsiders

The Outsiders are vampires created in Pixel-art by 3 game artists; Fabian Mosakowski, Maxime Vucic and Maryon Gibory So far they have created 5 different characters and each of them can evolve in 2 other forms. Here are some of them:

none cleric arch

necro Thing paladin

Enjoy the amazing world of Outsiders where you are the monsters and where you have to spread death and despair through the lands of the Elves

Valentin Bachelot-Lallier