Posted on ven. 29 septembre 2017

The Colours Time Runner

First step : Sketch

Firstly we had to draw a sketch to solve perspectiv problems and found the position of our characters. We were using a sketch pencil in a grey colour or in a blue one ( depending on you )



Second Step : Ink

Then we had to inked our sketch with the ink tools. i also added a tool named dynamic brush that helped me to smooth my curves.


Third step : Shadows

afteward we had to add shadows by grey scales. For this step i used a brush named basic circle with a fusion mod named bigger? in french it was "plus grand". this fusion mod was verry usefull because he didn't add both of my curves in one darker, maybe a bit hard to understand so if you have krita i advise you to try this one !


Last step : Colour

Finaly we had to add a bit of colour on that sad grey scale ! In my case i used many shade of brown, we were in a western so it's a bit obvious, and ocher colour for the environement. i had obviously cut the character to make him become a real png picture.

colour png

Tada ! it's how i did almost all the assets for Hugues. Personnaly i loved this week because i was able to practise on body perspective, thanks to this week i can draw corps more easily. I think it's all about the time colour, so thanks for reading, and see you on the next week !

Maxime Vucic