Character Modelisation 3D : Selena

Hello everyone ! Here's my first try at modelizing a character in 3D. For this exercice, i choose one of the characters i already created : Selena. She's a young girl, studious, serious and kind.


First, i already talked about it last week, but I made a first global body. It doesn't had any details yet, didn't have the arms, the legs or the breast, but it's a simple shape to begin with ! Here's also a drawing of Selena.


Then, i used the tools Extrude and adjust the positions to make the arms, the legs and for the breast i used a sphere. As we can see on the screenshots, at this step i just begun to makes the feets, it was a really hard part to do, and the hands too !

And then, after that, i finished the body.



The head is really difficult to make. Maybe even more than the whole body. First, I tried to use a UV sphere as a base, that will help me made the global shape of the head and then I will sculpt into it... But it was really complicated, and I doesn't like making it at all...

After this inconclusive test, I tried another method : i begun with a really simple structure of the head : two lines, one for the front side and one for the profil. It worked better and I loved to do it but it was really hard, especially for the details like the nose or the mouth... I had to re-do a lot of things to made something that i'm ok with !



Here's the character !! I haven't done the hairs and the clothes yet, but this will be for next week ! It's also not exactly as i wanted, for exemple the cheeks are too big, the mouth is really weird and there is some problems with the skull... I also have to do the eyes lol.

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