Great Crime - Visual Novel

What I do this week about my project.

    1.What is my project ? :

The name of my project is Great Crime, a thriller steampunk who take place in the futur, And in this future the humanity has destroy the Ozone layer, which made the sun's rays deadly to a human, but a city named Deeptown, has make to protcet the humanity with a dome that play the role of the Ozone layer. so of course it's a good news, but Deeptown is a city plagued by crime and violence.

And in all of that, you will play Phil Spilgood, a famous inspector of Deeptown, who will solve a murder case that will take weird turn. For that, you will meet different characters like Anna Delay (the commissioner of the police of Deeptown), Diana Philip (the daugther of the great priest of the church of the great savior), etc...


     2.My objectives of the week :

My objectives of the week is, work to my visual novel to finish it, to then settle details.


      3.Ce que j'ai fait :

This week, I globally finish the first real version of my visual novel. It was my first time with ren-py and although I had some difficulties with some part of code, I think is not also difficult that I believed. I was even found there a kind satifaction when my code work good. I also made some photo montages for the boackground .


     4.Are the objectives met ? :

Finally, I met my objectives, and now I'll must modify some part of code and settle some details like the posibilities for the end, and like the life time of the game because it's too fast to finish.


     5.The problems :

I had some problems with the background, because I can't do some background with photo montage, so I must ask to Valentine if she can make them. I also have some problems with some part of code like how to do for this charcters do what I want and how to show a message above the scene, like (Diane will remember), but finally I resolve most of the problems.


     6.I'm happy for what I do for this work ? :

And for the and I will just say that I'm happy with the rendering of my visual novel enven if I guess that I have some details to change for improve the game. And the last thing for which I'm happy, is the fact that the character made by Valentine is really good in the game.

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