Summary of this week

discover what I do in this week

      The project of this week is to expand my artistic culture, try my hand at a various style of a lot of artists and learn more about their artistic style, for this I made a few exercice on the Egyptian style what i haven't drawn before, an analyse of picture of a hieroglyphs and a realizations of a reproduction of piece of art with the same style of the artist and an alternatively with opposite style. This have for goal to learn me to work an other style of mine and provide a new look of the piece of art.

       The piece of art what I chose is « les Nymphéas» of Claude Monet because I love this artiste and the style impressionist. With this I put my self a challenge by reproduce the majority of details that is intends on the software Krita. This software can give me easily access to the tools for reproduce the impressionist style with brush created for this. Now I make the last finishes of the alternatively with color fitting, for this i choose a style more simplistic by making a simple line and use the principal color of the painting. I learn new technical on the software with the modification of the brush and the addition of a new brush which  impressionist brush.

      I prefer two things to do on this project was to work the impressionist style that i appreciate and to reproduce one of paint series of «Nymphéas» that I found the paint palette and the process interesting. Make an alternatively of this pushed me to have an other look for found the perfect alternatively. 

    The lonely problem what I can quote was that the realization of this reproduction was tedious and asked me a full concentration for recreate the many details of the painting.

   In October, there are a challenge: «Inktober», where every day to that month we draw the imposed theme and I want it to be my objective of the next week.

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