ven. 13 avril 2018

Shin sekai


ven. 06 avril 2018

Shin sekai

Shin Sekai

ven. 30 mars 2018

Shin sekai

Shin Sekai

ven. 23 mars 2018

Nouveau Monde


ven. 16 mars 2018

Shin Sekai

Shin Sekai

I have to continue my project, I have to try to solve different problems which I have, some we were to adjust as the collection of objects or the sound but of other problem appeared

I made small images for objects has to collect and I have to …

ven. 16 février 2018

Shin sekai


ven. 12 janvier 2018

Monster killer

Le Tueur de monstres

Here is the report of my 4 weeks on the game "le tueur de monstre".

After several problems for these weeks my game is unfortunately still not finished but nervertheless i can propose a playable version

We have a menu with various buttons


  • Start : Allows launch …

ven. 08 décembre 2017

monster hunter

ven. 01 décembre 2017

Le tueur de monstres

jeu. 19 octobre 2017

Le projet enfin terminé!