Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018


After reading the lesson I am searching for a free game to find things to change on its HUD (Head-up display) and propose an all-new one. An HUD is a composition of a lot of in-game information, like your character’s ammo, his health points etc… I have chosen 0AD, a RTS AOE like (age of empire) made by “Wildfire games” renowned to be a high skilled game with a merciless AI.

First step

create a Persona, a fictive person that will be my perfect client. My Persona is named Eden, a young boy in middle-school who plays videogames as much as possible. He isn’t a particularly good player and needs to have fun on low price games due to his pocket money. with those information’s I can already say that my HUD needs to be simple and fun.

Second step


take a look at the 0AD’s HUD, I clearly didn’t like, its textures are awful and designed for high skilled players. The game may be beautiful but this part has ruined the game experience (subjective critiques!). I decided to compare it with others games’ HUD, like with AOE3, StarCraft and Warcraft.


After judging it

I need to list all the points I want to adapt to my Persona. I am not going to change the design, only the structure :

  • Well, my persona didn’t get much time for playing, so I need to add buttons to time speed, this option figure on the parameter of the game, but I need it on the HUD.

  • I also want to take off the position and comportment buttons, maybe hiding them on a drop-down menu.

  • The diplomatic, merchant and objective option must figure around the map square, like the select idle button, one per corner.

  • Change the unit icon, HP, user and name place and drag them closer to the map square.

  • Suppress all the information icons and put them description on the character description.

You can see below the first wireframe and the final maquette.

wireframe image4168