Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018

This week project was about ergonomy (of a website or a game). For that, I did the zoning for the game Battle for Wenoth. The goal of the zoning is to improve the visual aspect of a website or a video game.


This is the original zoning of the game. (the light grey parts are the less important ones, and vice versa) As you can see, it's not optimized enough here. That's why zoning is important.


I've decided for this game to change the place of the day/night cycle, putting it in a small corner, and placing some more important buttons at this place instead (calling unite for example). Same thing with the XP and HP, that changed places.
Then I described why I've made those choices. I also had to do the personas and the mapping, but I haven't done them sadly.

And before the holidays, I finished the 3D models that the game designers asked. (some containers, used for obstacles).


Vanessa Bertozzi