Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018
Ergonomics !!!

This week we worked on the ergonimics of the Menu/HUD on open source games. The game that I chose the Great game Tux kart, it is a small game inspired by famous Mario kart. Its development to be began in 2004 and he went out in 2015. With regard to its inspiration, this game innovates in particular with its mode of game " Follow the leader ". There is a mode solo, we can play it in local multiplayer (2 players max) but also on-line. This game has another peculiarity, certain characters are mascots of software as for example the penguin of Linux. I decided to take Super Tux Kart for the ergonomics because I played a lot Mario Kart on Wii, thus I know well the interface of this kind of game.

I dealt with the mode of game local multiplayer because after some running I quickly noticed some details that needed changing, I noted 3: 1 - The timer: for the player 2 who has the bottom screen, it is not very practical to see him because he has to leave of view his screen. I suggest putting a second upper right timer of the screen of the player 2. (see below)

2 - The map: for the player 1 who in the top screen, it is same concerns that the timer. I suggest putting this map in transparency between both screens. (see below)

3 - The music: at the beginning of a running normal, the name and the author of the music appears on the screen of the player 2. This information can be annoying because there is already quite a lot of things on the screen. (see below)

in game

I have then to play the various mode of game, he there in always the same problem of safe investment in the mode fights (mode local multiplayer) I noticed that the points of life are not easy to read. Thus I thought that it was simply needed all mettres in red to have more visibility. in fight

Florian FARCY