Posted on ven. 23 février 2018

Nightmare !

The scenery...

We started two weeks ago our end of first year ending project, the combination of all the crazy things we learned so far ! And that was a lot ! I teamed up with Valentin B. to create a platformer game.

But what is it about ?

The main character is liloo, a 7 years old girl, who just felt asleep. But she is juste having the worst nightmare ever !

An awful monster stole her cuddly toy, and she battle to take it back ! Through increasinly crazy levels, Liloo's going to battle against her fear and nonsences, but only you can help her to achieve her goal !

You, the player, become this little girl who's going to evolve into this nightmare of hers !


Our main character, the one you are going to play : Liloo, the little girl !

I wanted to create the cutest little girl i can, to contrast with the scary environment she is going to evolve in.

So i started to do sketches -that i can't show you because krita crashed before i was able to save the file-, but after a few tests, i choose to gave her a sad and scared look with the intention of making you want to protect and help her.

And of course a cute pyjama because, technically she is sleeping :)


I will have to make some animations for this little cuty, so , in prevention of this, i draw each pieces of her body separately to be able to move them separately.


The blanky

The second "character" that i draw was the little elephant that Liloo will have to find !

I draw it with a sad and lost look too, because it will be the only asset with the little girl which will be reassuring and cute.

I introduce you Oli the elephant !


The goal of the game is to find pieces of the elephant, so just like the main character, i draw pieces separately.


know you enemy

When i thought about the ennemies, i immediatelly wanted to create them as a twisted version of a child's environment.

So, i created 4 designs of wicked dolls. I choose in purpose to draw them dressed up with inspired dresses from the 18th century, to give them a more strange a twisted look.


For The Boss who stole Liloo's elephant, i thought about what caracterise the fear of a child, like i was, I something that i was really afraid about.

The night is what scares most of us when we are young, like having to go to drink water or to the bathroom in the middle of the night and picture all the monsters that can hide in the shadows.

So, i wanted to represente the silent and scary guardian of the endless childs night, the moon


weird places

After the characters, i wanted to draw a concept art for the game, so i ended up drawing the little girl's bedroom with scary eyes in the shadows.

I was suppose to be an indication about the type of colors, the graphic style, and be a resume of the mood.


But Valentin liked it, so i ended up modifiying the concept to insert it in the game as the first background of the game, to represente the imagination of the little girl who fly further and further from her bedroom to float into fear.

That's why all the elements seems to be distorded, it's to make you understand from the begining that's she is starting her journey.


We talked with my game dev about the real transition from the bedroom to the scary and crazy world, and we agreed to make of the wardrobe this transition.

You can easily find out why, an extention of the monster in the closet !

but i don't want to draw a simple closet, so i started drawing a wardrobe, with exploded wooden boards everywere, with splinters who actually create distorded hands which pull the little girl deep into the nightmare


Tiles set

The game is created on superpowers so i had to word differently from just creating a background in "one piece". this time I had to draw assets one by one on a huge tileset

here you can see the grounds i designed for the first level, a wooden floor for bedroom and the wardrobe, and a transition for the following scenes with rocks ! The tricky thing is that the floor have to repeat itself infinitely !

the tile set is still in process i will add some settings to give more life to the scenery in the following weeks !


Creating process

As an Game artist apprenctice, this is really my first project where i am totally involve in the process. And as "process", i mean having a world about the gameplay, the story that the game is going to tell, and actually everything !

It is actualy so exhilarating that it can be dangerous !

As students we don't have that much time to raise a project from nowhere. but when a projet hit you so badly that you want to get involve over 9 000%, you find yourself having so many ideas that it can became a threat if you don't think about time and your own abilities !

With my game designer, we were on the same page about the mood, but we realised after i had done a few assets that the sized didn't match the software, or the game in general. Wich mean that i have to redraw these assets because it will be too pixelate if we upload them as they are.

So if i have to take something out out this two first weeks of project as an advice for the beginners as i am, it would be , carefull about the involvment, and talk about size, because sometimes, it matters !

This is the resume of the first two weeks of work that i have done, i can't wait to
show the following results ! 
have a good week ! See you next time !