Wonderful Golf - Trailer

Picture: images/hugues_03_wonderful_golf_entete_1.png Summary: Trailer

How to make a great trailer of our video game ?


This week was personally a very very tough week and so it was very hard to have enough time to work properly. Nevertheless, I tried to do my best and reach the goal …

Wonderful Golf - Projet

Picture: images/hugues_03_wonderful_golf_entete_1.png Summary: Projet


Projet Personnel

Cette semaine, je me suis concentré sur 2 aspects différents pour mon projet de jeu. J'ai travaillé sur un trailer puis j'ai essayé de créer un noeud ennemi dans godot.


Les logiciels de retouches vidéos, j'adore ça depuis les 90's …

Wonderful Golf - Communication

Picture: images/hugues_03_wonderful_golf_entete_1.png Summary: Communication

How to choose a good communication to sell our video game ?


First of all, I made two flyers to have a good communication with graphics :

1st Flyer

2nd Flyer

I think it's an important part of a good communication because people can easyly imagine what the game …

Project 1.1

Summary:My shoot'em up

Summary of the week

This week (and next week) with briac we have to create a prototype of a game, we can do whatever we want, we just have to create a little game. Briac and I decided to create a shoot them up with only …

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