Posted on ven. 29 septembre 2017

Objective of the week:

For this week, the goal was to create a game with HTML and CSS language. For Beginning, I have to understand how operate these two languages. I've had more facility for understand the HTML. Created the animation in CSS was complicated but it was the most important in my job, because the objective of my game was to click at a picture for it to disappear.

The universe:

For the universe, I have chosen the viking. I have found a cartoon picture of viking and I told myself that be funny if I found a good music to accompany. I already had an idea of music: Drunken Sailor which is an Irish sailor's song in English. I found this music fun, so I told myself that would be good with my game. I changed the pointer of my mouse for that have the skin of an axe.

viking axe

The critics:

After the test of my classmates, he was told some problems in my game, that I have to modify:

  • My pointer isn't visible enough, I have to thicken the handle.
  • Review the Hitbox of my Viking picture, because it's hard to click on.
  • I have to put my rules in a frame, and even all of my text, because they are not visible enough with my background.


This week was a good experience, it enabled me to acquire a new skills, learn how operate the HTML and the CSS. But also a more precise view of what is coding.

Fromont Nicolas