Posted on ven. 29 septembre 2017

Lucky Gunman

This game is an old-school First person shooter. The stroy takes place in the wild west desert. It's a tribute to Lucky Luke and the video game Wild Gunman. These two history artworks was a source of inspiration. Let me introduce you the landscape, the items and all the characters. items and landscape.

The Landscape This is the landscape.

Bandit Bandit_2 Here you have the 2 bad guys you'll have to shoot !

Sherif This is the sherif.

Femme Here you can find a woman who try to save her life.

Charette Caisses This is the items. They can be useful !

The music and sound FX is also a great part of the game to obtain this wonderful atmosphere of the wild west. You have a music of an old anime "Daisy town" of Lucky Luke universe. The sound of the Colt is from the move "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and the famous scream is used on more than 300 movies, it's the Wilhelm scream.

Click here for the shot story of the Wilhelm scream.

Game Artiste : Maxime Vucic

Game Designer : Hugues Beaumesnil