Posted on ven. 26 janvier 2018

Guardian of Asgaard

Realism :

This week was an expansion of last one, us GA were free to try every styles and techniques we wanted. I did several drawing last week, and i wanted so bad to focus on my favorite one -and the hardest- : realism !


I choose to made one big realisation this week, to take the time to really focus on some details, and to do the best observation work i can on this short period of time.

i'm a big fan of the History chanel "Vikings", and i was impressed by a scene from last season, so i took a screenshot and immediatly decided to work on this !


So i had so much fun doing this, this character is so intense, and the facial expression is just amazing, with so much fury in his eyes, so many textures and shadows !

it's not done yet, but the face is all done!

i'm not fully happy about the blood on the face but i will rework this later, and of course I need to add him real viking clothes !

But here is the result : Ivar the boneless !



I was asked by Valentin B. for some assets for his basketball game. he wanted a hand -with the view as if it was our own- holding a basketball that we will be able to send through the screen.

So i created it on krita, and the ball on Inkscape with some modifications on Krita too. Here is the result :


As a returning gag, he also asked me to pimp up the alien i created before, but also to add on some accessories to transform him into a trainer :


Drawing Eye recipe :

Moist and lively, mirror of the soul.
topped with green sparkles, this eye is impossible to resist.



  • first :

Star by drawing two color patch with ink pen, on two different layer in the shape of the eye you want to draw. (one for the white of the eye, and one for the iris)


  • second :

Take your eyebrush, and a vein-pink color, and coat the white with some to add some contrast.


  • thrid :

With the same brush, start adding some dimension by doing a dark halo on the top and the low parts of the "white", -later it's gonna give the effet that the eye is under the eyelid-.


  • fourth :

Let's take care of the iris now. Take the Ink brush and start doing strokes of differents sizes aroud the iris with a darker color from your basic iris shape, and then, with the trowel, spread out the lines, alway from the outside to the inside to give that beautiful texture that have eyes.


  • fifth :

Repeat the step, but with an even darker color, and only where the eyelid can cast shadow on the iris.


  • sixth :

Repeat again, but this time, with a different color, -i personally took a green-, and add lines in a particular place of your choice, to give a little bit of "human imperfection" to your creation.


  • seventh :

Now that it's done, create a new layer, and take your ink brush, and draw a circle that's going to be your pupil, and then, switch with the smudge brush and soften the outline.


  • eighth :

As you did on the white part, take the airbrush and a dark color, and add some shadows on the top and the bottom of the iris.


  • ninth :

Optional step : my character was looking up, and his eyelid was very creased, so i added even more shadows to strengthen this particular detail.


  • tenth :

On a new fresh layer, take your ink brush with the smaller size you can, and just add some tiny grey/white lines on the bottom of the eye, it will give a moist texture to your future eyelid.


  • eleventh :

To give the humid and reflecting-lights effet to the all eye, take the same preset as step 10, and draw a few delicate shades above all the rest -depending on the source of the light-


  • twelfth :

The final step of this tutorial, with the ink brush, on a small size just draw some eyelashes.


*This is the end of this tutorial and of this article, 
I wish you all a good day and see you next week, bye bye !*