Posted on ven. 29 septembre 2017

My project for this week was to draw some textures assets for Alexandre's project, and some for mine.

Assets for "Le chercheur d'épices":

Alexandre's project, called Le chercheur d'épices, have 3 levels;
the first ones was for a desert level,
the second ones was for a grassland,
and the last one was an ice land,
So I needed to do 3 set of textures, which are mountains, ground and apples textures for each level.

When the textures were done, I put them in the Blender file and edited them for making everything nice and smooth. I also used my old car model for the character and obviously textured it too.


Assets for "Le cochon mais en mieux":

My project wasn't intended to be changed, since I was mainly working on Alexandre's one, but I had time to do some textures. In this game, I've done the pig's texture, as well as some background models. I've also changed the light effects and added some "mist" for having a better atmosphere.


Vanessa Bertozzi