Posted on ven. 12 janvier 2018

Winter is coming !

This is the end of the project, and i've reached almost all my goals. The game is playable, fun and it's a complete happy story !!! But it's not perfect because enemies are static and there is sometimes some bugs with Nutzy. Meanwhile hearts decrease when Nutzy is hit by an ennemy. Nuts increase when Nutzy find a nut in the right order. it's to help players to know when they forgot a nut left behind. Ennemies and teleportations are also here.

Let me show you the entire story whith these screenshots from the game :

Background 1

This is the beginning of the game. In the background you can hear the warmup of an orchestra. When you hover over the nuts with the cursor you can hear the conductor hitting with his stick to end the warm up. If you click the game starts.

Background 2

Let me introduce you the family of Nutzy. It was difficult to create these scenes because Maryon used to create the family without Nutzy because he is not a part of the background. And I would have Nutzy move and not just a button to clic to go outside. The problem is that Nutzy is much smaller inside the game and move with frame. It was not possible to include Nutzy like this because he was too pixellated. So Mayon have to draw a bigger Nutzy.

Background 3

The beginning of the journey is spring in the morning. The first ennemy is a fox. You can see also some fog and later in this level there is a little rain. In the background music you can hear some little birds.

Background 4

The story continues...

Background 5

This time you face a fierce boar !!! In the background music you can hear birds and cicadas.

Background 6

Yes Darling... more nuts, always more nuts...

Background 7

If you are not coming closer this big bear is not going to hurt you !!! The wind is also blowing and leaves are flying !!!

Background 8

A last effort because winter is coming !!!

Background 9

It's cold, it's dark outside the wolves are hunting and a blizzard is here... hurry little Nutzy !!!

Background 10

Nutzy is alive, all the family is happy to be together. There is plenty nuts to survive the winter... and it's christmas !!! The music is no more "Sergey Prokofiev - Pierre and the wolf" but "jingle bells" !!!

Thanks to my wonderful Game Artist Maryon for all her work. Thanks to her, Nutzy is now alive and his family too !!!

Game Artiste : Maryon Gibory Game Designer : Hugues Beaumesnil