First Step into 3D

This week, i made my first steps into 3D ! The project was to work on texturing, and even if i've never done 3D and modeling, i've jumped into this new challenge. !

The Beginning

Well, the fact is that i've already done a butterfly and a boat with a tutoriel, but it was something really basic...



First, i read the tutoriel for how to use Blender, how to model something and how to add textures. I've done some little exercices with this ! First, i made some spheres with different textures : basic, tissue, light, skin, glass, 3 different metals and copper. Then, i've applied an image to basic shapes like a sphere, a cube and a plane


A Rhino...

Then, i had to made a rhinoceros in 3D... But that's something really complicated. I've never done some real modeling, and an realistic animal is something really hard to beggin with... But i tried it however, because it's a good exercice. I haven't finished it yet, but i will next week ! Here, it's a base for the body, and the tail (it's seen from behind).


A Desktop

Since i was not very good at modeling yet, i prefered to let the rhino aside for the moment, and i choose to make a desktop ! I found a good tutorial on Youtube of an exemple to make a desktop, a computer and other items easily ! So i made them, because it was a really good way of learning the tools of Blender ! I used the tutorial for the first items, but then i've done the things myself (like the computer, the trash can or the lamp) !

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