Pioush, a first prototype

After two weeks of work, here is the first prototype of Pioush game !

1. Prototype development

The first prototype of Piouch is here. I develop this game with Godot Engine. I don’t have meet hard difficulty during these last two weeks and the result is satisfactory. I’ve kept the majority of gameplay mechanics that I’ve listed in my precedent article published but also, I’ve added news ideas. The prototype is playing here.

2. News gameplay features

The player become a doctor and the enemies, a normal people. The player must heal the enemies when they are contaminated in shooting a medicals syringe here. The final objective is to heal the most enemies and don’t let them die.

Now the player can be also contaminated. When it is contaminated, a medical kit spawn on the map and can heal the player if he picks up this one but beware, the player is infectious and can to contaminate enemies.

3. Now ?

At present, I will test my prototype game at people group and evaluate with them, different points of my games like the interest of push utilization and the global rhythm and game difficulty. I will listen to their feedbacks and ideas.

Concerning the graphical theme, I keep my idea of emoji but maybe that will change.

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