Pioush, the beginning

A first glimpse of my futur game : Pioush.

1. Presentation

In this top-down game, the enemies move horizontally and vertically in an arena. A virus is transmitted by contact with enemies. You must dodge the enemies to survive.

2. Gameplay

The player is in arena with enemies. When the enemies collide with each other, they bounce but if an enemy is contaminated also, he gives the virus. If an enemy is sick, he dies after a time limit.

To not to be contaminated the player have a push-up capacity. This ability emits a power wave around the player and repels enemies.

If is contaminated, he can heal with bonus that spawn randomly in the arena.

3. Graphic research

The characters are a square of 64x64 pixels. I will represent their states with a smiley in pixel art.


  • Normal state: determined smiley.
  • Sick state: sick smiley.
  • When use “push-up” ability: physical effort smiley.
  • Recharge time after use “push-up” ability: tired smiley.
  • Is touch by enemy: angry smiley.


  • Normal state: happy smiley
  • Touch the player: malefic smiley
  • Is push-up: surprise smiley
  • Is sick: sick smiley
  • When dead: death smiley

Example of smileys:

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