Learning about Shaders

What did I learned this week ?



What did I work on?

This week, we focused on 2D shaders for the Godot Engine. We made a deforming shader to create a wave effect on our character's hair. Since I can't show the shader in real time here, I can only show you a picture. 

To provide the shader from deforming the rest of the sprite, we used a mask to affect only certain places.


Then we worked on adapting shaders found on internet to make them work on Godot. For that we went on a site called Shadertoy . We then copied a shader and recoded it for Godot. 

This shader added an old tv like effect and once again, I can only post a picture of it.

Using an existing shader and recoding it to work on godot wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. One you understand how it works, it can be easy without even understanding the entire code.

We also did lots of variations of those 2 shaders to practice and understand how shaders work. The shaders are very useful and aren't costing a lot performance-wise.

Can't wait to use them in a game and to create more complex shaders on my own ! 

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