The call of Adventure (Part 4)

Game Design 2ème année

I don't really have interesting thing to say from what i did this week, so I will shorlty speak about what I did on my holidays for my game "The call of Adventure".

I added something to regen life.

It's easy to get hit and die, so I decided to give the possibility to regenerate your life.

The first question was how ?

The life could be spawning in the map randomly.

Or maybe with time.

Or with score.

Or other...

I chose the 3rd option, for me it should be a "reward" for killing ennemy, instead of  let the possibility to just run everywhere dodging ennemy waiting heal to spawn.

So now for exemple, each 10 ennemies you killed, an item which can heal you will spawn.

This items spawn at the location of the last ennemy kill to reach 10 score (or 20, or 30..).

You can't directly take it, you have to wait the end of the animation. Then you can collect it.

It look like this :

I decided to make a flower to have a coherent map. Maybe I will change the color to avoid green on green, or i will just make a bigger heart drop on the floor with a little animation wich can be a better idea, it need some changes.

As you can see on the gif, but I'd made a rock, it block you and ennemies, but not arrows, later I will add more obstacles.

That's all for this week.





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