Project : Godot Engine

The cutest plate-former

The project

To discover the Godot engine support and start to understand all the process, we have 4 weeks to make a 2d game on it. Concerning the kind of game we were free but we start with a little plate-former asset example.



The first week is dedicated to the GDD, the game design document. The aim is to prepare the project; decide the game play, find the target public, choose a design… Write all the game information.

After a day to discover and try little things on Godot, we start our project with Quentin Deloporte. I wanted to make a really sweet platform game and he was exited to make cute character and design. We find the style and he start to design the characters and the other assets while I was writing and identifying the game-play and the target public. On Wednesday i was starting to program the game on Godot, a really fast jump to the development.

The game, yes it doesn't have name yet but it's in progress, is therefore a cute 2D plate-former for child and adult in love of sweetness. The plot is wild; A new friend arrived in the house fridge and speak about a revolution. Few human and a lot of food are starting an autotroph movement, meaning that no more food will suffer from be eat. An horrible torture for the pizza and carrots. After all the population of the fridge debate on this big new, a group decide to escape to join the riots in the city.

First step; Escape from the fridge.

After the establishment of the beginning of the game, I started to program the first level to make the food escape the fridge. First the player will have to climb to find the erudite mushroom through the tutorial level to discover the universe, the command and familiarize himself with it. The development is going slowly but well, Godot is almost completely new for me. Hopefully it will continue like this, maybe a little faster will be perfect to have time to organize some test.


Next step

For the next week I plan to continue the tutorial level, working not too bad for the moment but not finished at all. If everything going well i hope to finish it before Thursday. If I success i will be able to make the level 2 easily because the player will just have to go down to break the fridge and like this maybe make the level 3, escape from the kitchen. In 4 weeks I'm not going to go further if i want to finish it well.







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