Unreal and Character Design

Hello ! Today i'm going to talk about this week's project : we began to work on Unreal Engine !


The project was to create a scene on Unreal Engine, playing with lights, shaders and all. But first, i had to make some 3D objets.

I wanted to make a scene in automn at dusk. For that, i wanted to make 3D models of one tree or two (that i will duplicate later), a bench and a street lamp. It will give to the scene a mysterious athmosphere, like a place lost in the woods !


Modelizing a character

After that, i started to think of a character to modelize. I decided to make one of my characters. Her name is Selena, and i drew her before modelising because i had to have a reference for the modelisation, and i didn't have a drawing of her from the front view ! I also made a drawing with and without clothes.

Sadly i didn't have time to start modelizing thie week, so see you next week for the second part of this project !

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