Level Design - Game Art 3

A summary of my week working on Level Design !

This week, we had to work on Level Design. We had someone who helped us with it, and who gave us a theorical lesson on how to do it. This was based on the Game Design Document that we did last week, because in this Game Design Document we began to write how do we imagine our game, and what will it be in it. This time, we had to start thinking about the core of the game : the levels, how do they worked, and the tutoriel. I already known that I wanted a game colorfull and fun, but with some messages in it, like a reflexion on the society or on the vision of life and peoples. The story is pretty siomple though, and the main mechanic is to talk to the NPCs and interract with them to unlock special interractions and sometimes special abilities. Alrthough, it's a game that will let the Player choose if they want to be nice or mean to the NPCs. The game will be a 2D Adventure Game, made on Godot Engine, and for the Art part, it will be made on Clip Studio Paint, Krita, and Illustrator.


They were several goals in this work. First, we learned to wrote a Game Design Document, wich is very important for making games. We also learned to create levels and give them meaning and structure, because if the concept of the game is good but the levels do not show that, it will be a waste. I think I successed in theses goals, but obviously I still have a lot to work on. However, the video and the teacher were very helpful and I learned a lot of new things !!


What I liked the most in the realization of this project is making the tutoriel, because it was the simplest and the most structured thing. I had to think about the differents steps of the tutorial and it was really fun.


What I dislike the most was the creation of the level we had to design (the first one for me), because my levels are open, wich mean that the player is blocked at the end of the level, but can move freely in it to found the solution. But with that, it was really difficult to organize the elements to make them interresting, linked and not too easy or too difficult to find. It's something that is hard to tell without playing the game... However, I managed to manage my time.

I tried to solve the problem by adding more informations and more items on the level, so the player will have a reward not matter what he did, so it doesn't feel useless.


For next week, i'll work on the Graphical Charter, wich is more a thing that i'm able to do. It's a very structured thing though and i'm not sure if I will be able to make a good one.

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