Super Tux Kart "Crique"


Project summary


For the last two weeks I worked on a open source karting game : super tux kart.


This game is basically a Mario Kart like so I just thinking about what was cool in Mario Kart and I finished with this :

  • The tracks are not flat, there are curves

  • Every level must have a unique element

  • No random road choices

  • Define the tracks limits with barriers.

  • The straigts lines are rare.



Search of ideas


After that I played all the maps of Super Tux Kart (STK) to see what are the game's limits. After that I draw my track with some idea of visual design, it will be a island track and the unique element will be a grounded vessel.





Creating the track


Then I started create my map, first I read all the tutorials and then I just start creating. I did not have serious problems here.

It was good but something was missing, so I created a curved road and some relief for make it more fun. And for finish I added a shortcut, hard to take but permite to have a good lead.



Of course if got some problems :

  • First my road did not want to be created correctly with the STK's tutorial way, I just found an other solution.

  • My track just crashed the game when I was launching it, the soluce was to create a huge plane below my track.

  • The game crashed with my actual map, I just have to duplicate my track to make it works.


For the inside of the curve I created some barrier instead of a higher ground, the grounded vessel will be just at the inside so I wanted to the player to see it.



For the inside of the island I created some reliefs with a grind, it make this at the end.




I did not have the time to create all the assets so the final map looks … Empty. My biggest problem on the project is that I did not care about the length of it, and I finished with an incomplete track.

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