Character Modelisation 3D : Selena part.3

Hello ! this is the third and final part of my project of 3D modelisation.

(This project is the third part of my character 3D modelisation project. This is a following to 2 others articles. If you haven't read them yet, i think you should go read them first. Enjoy !)


This week, i made the rig of my character. The "rig" it's the articulations so the character can move, and so we can makes them do poses or animations. This was a really long task, but in the end it was all worth it

I had to paint the weights in the body and the clothes so they can move around when i move the rig.

My first animation !

It's not a lot, but i made Selena walks ! Well, there's just the legs that are moving but it's a good begining i think...


After that, i made some poses to my character. Well, i didn't have much time so i made only 2 sadly :c


Well, it's the end of this project ! Thanks you if you paid attention to what i was saying, have a nice day !

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