Creative Friday 18/09 - Evasion/Vision

I did a short maze game on theme "Evasion/Vision".

1. Creative Processus

The theme of this creative friday was Evasion/Vision. I tought about I wanted to propose respecting this themes.

At first, I had a idea of a 3d game at first person. The player is in a room and must find the door and escape. The camera has the eyes form and will close reguliary to simulate a tired person. But I think that idea isn't really interesting and not realizable in 4 hours.

So I did a prototype 2D game where the player is in very dark maze. A litle light illuminate his way and the objective is to escape.

2. Lights and shadows with Godot

Like I didn't use the system light with Godot Engine, I have follow this tutorial. The potential light and shadows is very exiting.

3. Game development

  • I drew my maze with a TileMap. The maze patern is inspirate of randomly generated maze.
  • I applied a dark filter on the screen with a CanvasModulate.
  • I create a blue light for the player and a white light for the exit.


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