Escape from darkness

A prototype game of infiltration developped with UE

Here is a new version of my prototypal game Escape from darkness in UE. My game has evolved a bit since my last review (https://activdesign.cc/articles/2020/the-return-of-unreal-engine.html). The enemy development has finished and the level design is rather satisfactory.

Map of my level. Start is at the top/left and ending is at the bot/right.

The enemies move fast or slow in the environment and can detect the player. To represent the detection area, I have designed a shader that I applied on the floor. When the player moves her, he is teleported at start of level.

The level is plonged in the dark to improve immersion. The intented mood is a stress and hesitation sentiment by the player. And end of level is a white light to contrast with dark atomosphere.

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