Initiation Unreal Engine (Part 2)

Game Design 2ème année

Unreal Engine (Part 2)

Hello !

I'm still working on my unreal engine project this week.

The last time i get some mechanics like rotating platform, checkpoint and moving object.

This time i worked on 3 things.


The first one is the maniability of the character.
I added the air control and the possibility of crouch.
It seems to me important things to have in a plateformer.
Air control is to aim moving plateform, and crouch to reduce your speed or to add some obstacle you have to dodge by crouching.


The second thing i work on is a mobile plateform, i got moving objet, but they go in an only way, now i can chose their way, and make them return where they started.


The last thing is not finished but i'm working on it, I try to make some button which can be activated by shooting on them. It will be useful for example to move plateform, appear/diseaper objet...

After this i could work on the level design of my game, then put a timers and the end to finish it.


Ho, and i can set player on fire.
I don't need it but it was to see how can i activate my buttons with projectiles, it's still funny.


Sorry it should be some GIF or picture to show you, but actually it's doesn't work.


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