Spectralight Tutorial Level Design

Here is the level design of my first level of Spectralight : the tutorial.

1. Objectives of this level.

This level is the tutorial in which the player discover the basics gameplay mechanics at his pace like spear and amulet. He can play with the controls mechanics. It's slow and ludic to accompagnate the player and no't discorage him.

The tutorial also presents to the player the universe in which he will evolve and the astmosphere of world.

2. Sequence of events

  1. When the player starts, he can walk to the right (a closing door block the left).
  2. He cross a spectrum group. They no't agressive because the he's also spectrum.
  3. Retreive the magical amulet => Power-up, light incarnation. He can run and jump. The light glow up in your pass but the spectrums become agressive.
  4. Jump in the hole to continuate the level.
  5. He go to a little arena with 2 plateforms and a very low intensity spawner. He can have fun jumping between the plateforms and paralyzed the enemis with amulet power.
  6. Retreive the spear. With the spear, he can hit, open the doors and actionnate a mechanisms. Go back up because end of way.
  7. He can have fun to kill the enemies in the arena.
  8. Activate the mechanisme. A plateforms appear and the player can return in top at jump between her.
  9. Kill the spectrums become agressives
  10. Open the door with the spear.
  11. Light the brazier and finish the level.

3. Visual and sound atmosphere

The level takes place in the underground cave. The atmosphere separate in 3 disctinct stapes :

  • In the beginning, the atmophere is gloomy and oppressive. No music is present and the whistling of the wind echoes. When the player cross a spectrum, he hears whispers.
  • After retrieving the light amulet, the darkness surround the player dissipates and a little music start.
  • And after retrieving the spear, the music becomes epic. When the player approachs agressive spectrums, a terrifying cry is heard.

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