Visual Novel 2020 "Hylda" (Final Phase)

Finals Week on the visual novel "Hylda"

For the begining of the week I worked on the Taris's background, so I started by drawing with the help of a reference's picture.

Then I used green and blue colors for have a "old" effect.

And I finished by placing the lights and the shadows.

And just after I was on the Dagobah's background with the same method, without colors :

with colors :

I did a cantina with the same method too :

And after this I worked on the characters and "Hylda" have probably too much characters so I will just explain shortly how I did, first Vauban :

Vauban is a Sith lord, he must have menacing and "brutals" colors, I made him with exagerated proportions for made him more massive.

In second I was doing Kireal, he is a Jedi knight and kind of the opposite of Vauban, I made him with less shadows and fine proportions :

The next Character is Digh, a Rodien, it was difficult to make his tortoise shells without made him too scary, I also tryied a new shadow's making system :

The fourth is the shadow's gost, it's an alternative version of the hero of the game, i made him all red for have a angry effect and for upgrade this I made some red and black smoke around him :

The next character is the soldiers, I made three side-by-side for have the impression to face an army, I made them with the exemple of the sith's soldiers of "star wars the old republic", like vauban they have massive and overstated proportions :

The next are a little special, it is the father and the mother of the jedi Knigh I talked before, so I needed to make them similar, the father have the same horns than the Jedi and the same tattoos on the eyes, the mother have the same tattoos on the mouth and the same eye's color :


"Hylda" was an intersting project, but I didn't get the time and the motivation for doing clean dialogs, they was incoherence and choices problems since the beginning, i don't think doing a visual novel on the star wars universe was a good choice too. 

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