Session test of Black and White

A little group has tested the prototype of Black and White

The last prototype of Black and White has been tested with 6 persons. The players have appreciated this game. The controls are a bit confusing at the beginning but become very pleasant after. The level passing is fluid and don’t interfere the gaming experience. I asked them if speedrun the game has interested and/or playing in cooperation with a friend (each control a character).

To speedrun game, the answer is yes for all game testers! but we should add a difficult passages to reward the player and add secondary objectives to stimulate his interest.

About a cooperative mod, the players are not all of the same opinion. Playing in cooperation would be more interesting on more complex levels than those tested.

To conclude, different ideas of features have been proposed like adding different platforms:

  • A “ice-plateform” : the player slides on it.
  • A platform that changes color to black/white has regular intervals.

Or adding different secondary objectives like:

  • Move only the 2 characters simultaneously.
  • Finish the level before the end of timer.
  • A limited death number.

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